Get a one-of-a-kind view with the 360 drone

Get a one-of-a-kind view with the 360 drone

Ever wonder what it would be like to get a good aerial view of your surroundings from the safety of the ground?

With our 360 degree drone experience, we make this a reality. Visitors are able to experience a real-time view of a drone through virtual reality (VR) glasses, powered by our 5G network.


Our 360 degree drone showcases one of the main uses of the 5G network: finally having the technological backbone to deploy large drone platforms. Drone platforms allow autonomous drone fleets to do visual inspections and analysis without the use of manpower.

With the ability to simultaneously operate and see in real-time the view from a drone, previously dangerous tasks such as the inspection of wind turbine farms, oil and gas pipelines, or inspections in the agricultural sector can now be done safer, quicker, and more economical. With this use case, guests can directly experience this future now.

Huawei X Labs report


40 cities, 10 European countries? and still counting. That impressive route belongs to the Huawei 5G roadshow that has been featuring the 360 Drone use case throughout the continent. The aim of this roadshow is to inform Huawei?s customers about the all the innovations that the arrival of 5G allows for.

Hopping into this demonstration center is like hopping into the near future, one where self-driven cars, drones, e-health, wireless factories, and huge

advancements in augmented and virtual reality are made viable with 5G.

Not only do visitors learn the infrastructural value of 5G, but they are also informed on the value it brings at home: allowing immediate streaming of 4K and 8K TV, producing a revolution in home entertainment.

Finally, this use case is an essential component in tying these ideas together and showing visitors that they are not simply a fantasy but that 5G is NOW.



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