PREMIUMHoloportation: communicationmade even easier

PREMIUMHoloportation: communicationmade even easier

Finally, an alternative to natural face-to-face communications: Holoportation.

With holoportation, you can finally have the chance to enjoy the convenience of online, long-distance communication without losing the quality of face-to-face interaction.


Step aside, Star Trek, we?re bringing sci-fi fantasy into the real world. Imagine finally being able to replace face-to-face meetings for a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative, that also saves everyone time.

While this revolutionary idea sounds too-good-to-be-true, 5G makes this possible by facilitating holoportation. Holoportation, using the Holo-lense to virtually teleport to whichever boardroom or conference, represents the future of communication.

To showcase this technology, we can set up a call call between two different locations.

We introduce you to the future of communication, holoportation!

Huawei X Labs report



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