Surprise your visitors with the hidden dimension of AR

Surprise your visitors with the hidden dimension of AR

Discover a whole new world hiding in Augmented Reality.

Get ready to surprise your visitors once they put on their AR (augmented reality) glass and discover how a previously drab and dreary showroom is now full of new engaging elements, with AR making the familiar become exciting.


During the event featuring this use case, the AR glass becomes the focal point. Programs whose interface and use is ingrained in our muscle memory such as Whatsapp, Facebook, or other social media, pop into view with the AR glass, providing a new and fresh take on these platforms.

This can be extended to other applications, such as using AR in a live incoming call. Keep in mind: For the hyper reality, the featured choice of programs can be endless. In order to truly live the digital experience of the future, a strong cloud connection is needed, one that 5G can provide.

The high bandwidth allows rapid downloading time and thus, provides a quick visualization in AR. With the 5G AR experience, visitors can directly become acquainted with the future of cloud-based digital environments in AR. Make the unreal real with Hyper Reality.

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