The sports experience of the future:the virtual skybox

The sports experience of the future:the virtual skybox

Be ready to feel like you?re part of an exclusive crowd, because we?re helping you live out the sports experience of the future.

With the high bandwidth of 5G, there is no need to go to the stadium anymore, because we bring the stadium to you through your own virtual skybox.


Whether you?re more of a spectator or more of a sportsman, this use case will have something for you.

On one end of the location, a virtual sports game will be set up, where you can choose to come to the batting pitch and become a sports star for a day. Just because it?s virtual, doesn?t mean it?s a solo setup: this game has an audience.

On the other side of the home setup, visitors can come and choose to take a seat, put on the VR gear, and find themselves in the virtual stands, seeing whoever has decided to take up the challenge try to score the highest possible, in real time.

Through Sports VR, your visitors will be getting a unique way to experience live sports in a completely new dimension.

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