Get in the driver?s seat and get a firsthand view inside virtual reality

Get in the driver?s seat and get a firsthand view inside virtual reality

Ready? Set? Go! Put on your VR glasses and get yourself in the driver?s seat!

With the VR Race use case, visitors are able to experience what it is like to race each other, safely and comfortably, from the small racetrack located at the event location.


During this use case, the visitors at the event are presented with two VR glasses and racing controllers. Situated far away from the event, there is a racing tracks and two small cars. By putting on the VR glasses and taking the controllers, your visitors become race car drivers in the bat of an eye. This case aids in introducing the low latency of the 5G network, allowing new opportunities to remote control machines and IOT devices with a first-person view.

5G provides the first step to fully autonomous mobility where no human is needed anymore. Being able to steer a remote controlled car that is integrated with virtual reality, shows the high-bandwidth, low-latency capabilities of the 5G network and lets your visitors actually experience the future of autonomous driving in a tangible, impactful way.

Huawei X Labs report


The VR Race is guaranteed to make waves, just as it did during the press event in Bordeaux. Covered by portals such as Le Monde, La Tribune, and Sur Ouest, the VR Race has already made its mark.

Located at the Bordeaux museum, the press was invited to the event in order for our team to help showcase the collaboration between Huawei and the rapidly-growing French

telecom company, Bouygues, by using the early stage of the 5G network with this use case.

The VR Race allowed Huawei to illustrate that the low latency of the 5G network also provides new opportunities to remotely control machines and IOT devices with a first-person view.

You can be sure you won?t be left in last place with the VR Race.



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